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The Extension Livestock Program provides timely resources and information to help farmers, consumers and allied industry to make informed decisions about beef cattle, poultry, sheep and goats, equine, swine, and meat science. There are also resources for youth caring for livestock.

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cows in a field

Beef Cattle

Find information about raising all types of beef in Wisconsin: production and business management, beef quality assurance, housing, well-being, nutrition, and reproduction.



Poultry and egg producers with flocks of all sizes and purposes can learn more about housing, nutrition, health, husbandry, and youth activities.

Sheep and Goats

Farmers, veterinarians, and industry representatives can learn more about sheep and goat housing, welfare, nutrition, reproduction, and shearing.

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Farmers, veterinarians, and industry representatives can learn more about swine housing, welfare, nutrition, and reproduction.

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Meat Science

Extension supports the viability and growth of the meat industry by developing industry leaders; improving the safety, quality, and availability of products; educating about sustainability, wholesome, and importance of meat in the diet; and discovering new uses for animal components.

youth judging swine


Extension teaches youth life skills to be a contributing young people and subsequent adults by teaching the science of how animals work and their care.

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Equine serve as a connection to and generate income for associated industries through outdoor recreational activities, equine assisted therapy businesses, and tourist/entertainment commerce.

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