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Extension's mission is to connect people with the University of Wisconsin. Thanks to joining forces with UW-Madison, we'll strengthen each other through exchanging experience and research statewide. No matter what you're trying to accomplish in Wisconsin, you'll find the support you need as we continue to bring our home state together, community by community.

Realizing the 4-H Movement

Did you know that 98% of Wisconsin 4-H members are inspired to make positive changes in their communities?

Raising Children Conference

Our virtual event is for dads, moms, grandparents, foster parents, childcare providers, educators, and those caring for children.

Black Lives Matter demonstration

Anti-Racism Resource Library

Extension is fully committed to engaging in anti-racism work, and we have compiled a list of anti-racism and anti-bigotry resources.


Farm Ready Research Series

Our webinar series provides up-to-date information on topics from dairy and livestock production to forage and farm management.

Supporting Isolated Adults

Our research project related to social isolation developed materials to ensure that Wisconsinites have access to support.

One Good Idea

Our new online platform facilitates farmer-to-farmer learning for success with soil health and regenerative practices.

We offer timely access to university research and knowledge through educational colleagues in 72 county offices, on five 4-year campuses and within three tribal nations

Latest News

  • Badger Dairy Insight webinar focuses on silage quality – from pricing to feed behavior
    Join Badger Dairy Insight February webinar for discussions about silage. When corn silage sells, the grower and dairy producer each assign values based on different goals. Both like the agreement to be simple and understandable. Have we based these agreements too much on the grain value in the past? Where does fiber digestibility fit into value calculations? […]
  • New Extension program supports rural entrepreneurship
    Rural entrepreneurship in Wisconsin and Minnesota will get a boost from a newly created program in the Extension programs at the state’s land grant universities. The rural entrepreneurship program was announced this week by University of Wisconsin-Madison Extension Dean & Director Karl Martin and University of Minnesota Extension Dean Beverly Durgan. Two […]

What We Do

Extension educator giving a presentationWe provide educational programs by teaming up with agriculture; meeting community challenges; protecting natural resources; strengthening Wisconsin’s families; and supporting young people through our program areas —

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