Disability Accommodations for Program Participants

The Division of Extension is committed to creating an accessible, inclusive, and equitable experience for all program participants. In partnership with the McBurney Disability Resource Center at UW-Madison campus, the division evaluates and responds to requests for disability accommodation(s) by following an interactive, confidential, and individualized process, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Whether you are a participant, volunteer, or educator, we invite you to learn more about disability, reasonable accommodations, and inclusive practices by contacting Heather Stelljes or Kyle Charters, Access Consultants for the Division of Extension, with any questions you may have.

For Members of the Public:

If you are a participant in any program, event or activity hosted by the Division of Extension and need to request a disability accommodation for yourself or a child for whom you are the parent or guardian, please follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the online Disability Accommodation Request Form If you need a paper or downloadable copy of the Accommodation Request, please contact disabilityaccess@extension.wisc.edu or call 608-265-6248.
  2. The online application will be submitted to Heather or Kyle at the McBurney Disability Resource Center. You will then be contacted for a brief meeting to discuss your request.
  3. Participate in the interactive process though a conversation with Heather or Kyle. There may be a need to obtain documentation from a clinician or medical provider. If necessary, a request will be made for the provider to complete a Disability Documentation Form.
  4. Once an accommodation is determined to be reasonable, it will be communicated with the you as well as the necessary Division of Extension employees or program staff.

For Extension Employees:

If you are a Division of Extension employee that has a question about disability, disability accommodations, or inclusive practices, please complete an OAIC Service Request Form and we will schedule a consultation with you.

You are welcome to download a Disability Accommodation Request form to print out for a member of the public that isn’t able to access the online Disability Accommodation Request.

You may also connect with Heather or Kyle by calling 608-263-2741 or by email at heather.stelljes@wisc.edu or kyle.charters@wisc.edu. Text messaging is available through the front desk at 608-225-7956. 711 relay calls are accepted.

If you are hosting an event or providing programming, use a tag line on advertisements and communications to let participants know disability accommodations can be requested. A sample tagline can be found below:

“If you need an accommodation to attend this event, please contact (name, event host/coordinator) at (phone number/email).”

Disability Accommodations for Employees and Applicants

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is committed to providing a workplace for employees where they can be successful. This includes providing reasonable accommodations in order for qualified employees and applicants with disabilities to have equal employment opportunities. If you are experiencing difficulty in the hiring process, while performing duties of your job, or accessing an employment benefit, you can consider requesting an accommodation. You can learn more about the accommodation process including links to request forms and policies at https://employeedisabilities.wisc.edu/

To request an accommodation:

Complete the Accommodation Request Form and obtain medical documentation from your treating specialist.

Give both to your Divisional Disability Representative (DDR). The DDR facilitates requests for both reasonable accommodation and medical leave. The DDR is the person designated to receive and hold confidential medical information in your division.

asuddrs@ohr.wisc.edu or find more contact information here: https://employeedisabilities.wisc.edu/divisional-disability-representatives-ddr/

The Employee Disability Resources (EDR) Office is the campus-wide hub for information on the disability accommodation process and is also a resource if you have questions.

EDR Office contact: 608-279-2043

employee.disabilities@cdo.wisc.edu. 711 relay calls are accepted.

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