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The Extension Institute of Natural Resources helps individuals, communities and the state coexist with Wisconsin’s rich water, mineral land and forestry resources. Extension’s Lake Superior National research reserve and Upham Woods Outdoor Learning Center are examples of research and programming that serve Wisconsinites living in a resource-rich state.

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The Learning Store produces and distributes educational materials based on university research, extending knowledge to the statewide community.


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Supporting Native Bees: Our Essential Pollinators describes the importance of bees in pollinating major food crops, how to attract and support native pollinators, and how to construct, place, and maintain nests


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Natural Resources

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Extension experts live and work in the communities they serve. Our team offers insight and solutions based on a deep understanding of local needs and priorities.

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Extension’s Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources & Community Development creates a bridge between Wisconsin’s ag and the environmental resources with the people that use them. We help producers, farmers, and businesses build stronger and more diverse farm and food systems. With communities and regions, we work hand-in-hand to support land and water resource needs.


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Tricia Gorby is the director for the Natural Resources Institute. Tricia also worked as the Implementation manager for the nEXT Generation project with Extension. Prior to joining Extension, Tricia served in several roles at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.


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