Health & Well-Being

The Extension Institute of Health & Well-Being works to catalyze positive change in Wisconsin families through evidence-based programs focused on nutrition, food security and safety, chronic disease prevention, mental health promotion, and prevention of substance abuse.  Rooted in both urban and rural communities, we’re working together to help solve the state’s most pressing well-being needs and to ensure that all Wisconsinites live stronger, healthier lives.

Health & Well-Being Programs


Did You Know?

Did you know that we:


  • Help limited income residents make healthy food choices and live active lifestyles through our FoodWIse program (check your local office for available programming)
  • Support food pantries in expanding access to safe and healthy foods
  • Are a partner in providing Youth Mental Health First Aid training
  • Provide data to visualize food access and food security infrastructure in Wisconsin
  • Work with local and statewide partners to address the opioid crisis

A Part of the Youth, Family & Health Program Area


Extension’s research and outreach improves the lives of Wisconsinites through action, education and community partnerships. We set rural and urban communities up to thrive by supporting their economic development and organizational and leadership development. We show individuals how to build financial capability and encourage them toward the most nourishing health habits.


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Amber Canto is the Director for the Extension Institute for Health & Well-Being. In her role, she provides administrative and programmatic leadership for community-based health promotion programs across multiple issue areas including healthy eating, active living and behavioral health throughout the lifespan.


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