If it happens on a farm or in a field, the Extension Institute of Agriculture works with you to achieve better results. Our innovative dairy management programs range from genetics to farm and business management. Extension researchers work hand-in-hand with row crop, forage and fresh produce growers to provide best practices for every aspect of the growing phase. We also advise communities on using sustainable practices to create inviting spaces free from invasive species. Our work supports people, communities and businesses.

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Agriculture plays a vital part of the economy in nearly every Wisconsin county, whether urban or rural, contributing both jobs and income.

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Many people already know of our popular programs such as Master Gardener, but we also:


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The Learning Store produces and distributes educational materials based on university research, extending knowledge to the statewide community.


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Wondering when you should harvest your apple crops? Look no further! View the Learning Store’s publication, “Determining the Optimal Apple Harvest Date” for free!


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Extension experts live and work in the communities they serve. Our team offers insight and solutions based on a deep understanding of local needs and priorities.

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Extension’s Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources & Community Development creates a bridge between Wisconsin’s ag and the environmental resources with the people that use them. We help producers, farmers, and businesses build stronger and more diverse farm and food systems. With communities and regions, we work hand-in-hand to support land and water resource needs.


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Heidi Johnson is the Agriculture Institute director.


She was previously the Crops and Soils educator in Dane County.



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